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What I Do

I make stuff. I fix stuff. I code stuff.


I code in C, Objective C, Java, PHP, SQL, and other languages for the web, mobile, cloud, and desktop with a focus on security and longevity.


I have a long history of work in home construction and general woodworking. My specialities include hanging and finishing drywall and building outdoor furniture.


In my spare time I enjoy racing and working on cars. Currently I focus on SCCA Solo competition and HPDE/PDX style events at tracks around the US with my 2013 Scion FRS.


A cool overview of stuff I've made.


Website Design

QTris Game

Game Design

Picnic Table


Tree Bench



Website Design




How I got to where I am now.

  • The 80's

    Beginner Programmer

    The elementary school I attended in Savannah, GA offered a programming class on TRS-80's to second graders, kickstarting my obsession. At home I spent countless hours copying programs out of Family Computing Magazine and designing my own on my Apple //e, complete with green screen and double 5.25" floppy drive.

  • Early 90's

    Origin of "Skream"

    As a fan of the MOD composer Skaven of The Future Crew, I chose a handle similar to his as a tribute, Skream. This name stuck with me through BBS's, IRC, AOL, Twitter, and any other place I needed a handle.

  • 1995 to 1999

    Professional Programmer

    1995 started my professional career collaborating with a GIS team to create a distributed application to track, map, and predict changes to forestry lands for paper, lumber, and chemical divisions of International Paper

  • 1999 to 2000

    Hello, dot-coms

    The Dot Com boom was in full swing and I began my career in All-Things-Internet designing and developing a set of middleware to expose a custom database written in pure C to an internet based cross shopping system via an XML based web service. I briefly lived in Connecticut during this period, where from I still occasionally order a case of Foxon Park White Birch Soda.

  • 2000 to Present

    Bourbon & Horse Country

    Y2K was my move to Kentucky where I designed and developed web applications for several local ISPs before joining the Jockey Club where I have expanded my career to lead the design, architecture, and development of enterprise systems, cloud initiatives, native mobile applications, international e-commerce applications, and magazine/newspaper/book publishing.

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I'm proudly part of these great organizations.

The Jockey Club Technology Services, Inc.

Software Architecture Strategy Leader

Central Kentucky Region SCCA

Regional Executive

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