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Welcome to the home page for Michael Teator. On this site you'll find information on various software and web sites I've developed over the years, along with some info about myself. Please look around, you never know what you'll find...
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4/25/13 - I redesigned and rebuilt the Central Kentucky Region SCCA website from the ground up. It's now built on a CodeIgniter backend and a custom CMS based on Grocery CRUD.
3/29/13 - Check out the new teator.com. A new skream.net is coming soon as well :-)
What my XBox 360 has to say for today (probably not much, I don't play it anymore)...
I have been trying to get Skream 360 to pay attention to me... but the light blinking hasn't been working, so I am just going to take over and post a blog entry about this! I have been hearing quite a ruckus around the Xbox Live Arcade lately... It must be coming from the Xbox Block Party and I don't want to miss it! I hear they've got a set of this season's hottest Arcade games including Perfect Dark. If you see Skream 360 tell 'em to check it out right now!
Monday, May 25th, the 145th day of 2015.
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